Wheels on the Rim

“Wheels on the Rim” Show N’ Shine is a 1 day celebration of all things motorized throughout Payson.

Mark your calendars for JUNE 1st, 2013.


The morning show opens at 9am and closes at Noon at the Mazatzal Casino.  The morning show is sponsored by the Rim Country Classic Auto Club  (www.clubs.hemmings.com/rccac) and the Mazatzal Casino (www.mazatzal-casino.com).


The afternoon show opens at 11am and closes at 2pm at Swiss Village.  The afternoon show is sponsored by the Pine Strawberry Antique Tractor Club and Edward Jones.

Both shows are an old-school “Show N’ Shine”.  No charge, no cost.  There will be various prizes, but it’s mainly a great opportunity to share your beautiful vehicle with like-minded folks and the good people of Payson.

We’d love to have an idea of how many participants we are going to get, so please drop a line to cwalsh222@msn.com indicating if you’d like to bring your classic steel.

What if you don’t know yet, or don’t belong to a club?  Then drive on down to Swiss Village on June 1st anyway.  Whether it’s a classic car, tractor, army jeep – if it’s old and runs we’d love to show it off!


Yes, there’s icing on this automotive cake!  On that same day, June 1st, the Cannonball Express (www.tourecco.com) is coming through Payson.  For those unfamiliar, these are participants in a wacky race involving everything from Ferraris to station wagons, a fire truck, the General Lee… some people even claim to have seen a Batmobile come through.  You’ll definitely want to be at the Casino to greet them when they arrive in Payson somewhere between 10 – 11am!

AND you’ll definitely want to be at Swiss Village to give them a big send off when they leave Payson at 1pm!

In between those times, you’ll see them competing on a scavanger hunt, photo hunt and looking for Cannonball Cash!  You can find them at the 4 official checkpoints – Western Village, The Journigan House, Majestic Mountain Inn, and Lady D’s.  Look for the checkered flags around Payson to spot other exclusive locations they may be found!

3 different opportunities to “SHOW OFF!”  as well as to SEE and PHOTOGRAPH shining examples of engineering excellence!