About Us

Rim Country Business Coalition is a group of associated business people with the stated goal of helping the local business community in Payson and the surrounding communities.  A number of subsets of the business community already exist – Main Street, Wagon Wheel, Payson PAYS, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  Our vision is to bring together representatives of these groups and others to improve communication and foster a sense of cooperation for the overall economic benefit of Rim Country.

This vision will also result in undertaking projects together – the first two are already underway!

Our driving philosophy is that we need to focus less on competing with each other and more on competing together against those businesses which draw money out of the Rim Country economy.  Specifically internet businesses and those outside our geography.  A “big box” store may return less cents on the dollar into the local economy, but they still employ locals and draw in business and sales tax.  So, while our first objective is to identify means of efficiently marketing and driving traffic to local businesses, we also recognize the value national chains bring to our region.

To this end we define a Local Business as a business which is fully owned by someone with their primary residence in Rim Country: OR a business which is independently managed by someone with their primary residence in Rim Country who spends any local advertising dollars from their own pocket.

If you are interested in this group, please contact info@rimcountrybusinesscoalition.com.  We currently meet the second Tuesday of every month at Chris Walsh’s Edward Jones office located at 411 South Beeline Hwy, Suite B.