Welcome from the Rim Country Business Coalition

The Rim Country Business Coalition would like to welcome you to our site and introduce ourselves. We are a group of associated business people with the stated goal of helping the local business community in Payson and the surrounding communities.

A number of subsets of the business community already exist – Main Street, Wagon Wheel, Payson PAYS, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  Our vision is to bring together representatives of these groups and others to improve communication and foster a sense of cooperation for the overall economic benefit of Rim Country.

With this vision, we have committed to take on projects on a case by case basis that the Coalition believes will benefit the local business community, and in turn then benefit our customers and clients. We have started two projects already – the Mogollon Merchants Card and the Wheels on the Rim Show ‘n Shine.

Although you can find information on these projects at their tabs, please check back as we will up date the progress here in the blog.


The Rim Country Business Coalition


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