2013 ChariTree Celebration

Christmas Tree

The First Annual Charitree Celebration is organized by the Rim Country Business Coalition (RCBC). We organized the event as a way for the local businesses and residents of the Rim Country to support their favorite charities in the spirit of the holidays.

Celebration Date: December 14, 2013

Event Start Date: November 23, 2013

Sign-up Deadline: November 23, 2013

Thirty local businesses will each buy a Charitree for a local non-profit organization. In return, the business will be acknowledged at the event, on our website, and in any promotional materials. This donation is tax-deductible for the business.

The business can choose a local non-profit to be paired with, or RCBC can assign them a partner.

In return for the sponsorship, each of the thirty non-profit organizations will decorate their tree. The sponsoring business may help, if the sponsor and the non-profit wish.

Decorating the TreeOn November 23rd, all trees will be put up in the showroom of Steve Coury Ford in Star Valley. The non-profit organizations may start decorating the trees as of November 24th, and have until December 1st to complete their decorating. Trees will be available for decorating during regular business hours. Please keep in mind that the decorations will not be returned, as the trees will be auctioned off.

Voting ButtonBeginning December 2nd, members of the community are invited to drop by Steve Coury Ford to vote for their favorite tree. Voting is conducted by placing a canned food item at the base of the tree. Each item is one vote. Anyone may vote as many times as they like by placing canned food items under their chosen tree. Indeed, this is encouraged as all canned goods will go to local food banks.

Voting continues until December 14th, at 5 PM. Sponsoring businesses and participating non-profit organizations may vote for their own tree. We also encourage you to solicit votes for your tree.

The two trees with the most canned goods on December 14th will be awarded the “People’s Choice Award.”

Award Trophy

A panel of celebrity judges will also judge the trees and select a Judge’s Choice Award.

The trees that receive the “People’s Choice Award” and the “Judge’s Choice Award” will each be awarded a cash prize.

Starting on December 2nd, members of the community may also bid on the trees by placing a silent auction bid to buy a tree. Sponsors and non-profits are encouraged to solicit bids for the silent auction also.  This bidding closes at 5 PM on December 14th.

The Charitree Celebration begins at 3 PM on December 14th, and will include food, beverages, and live music. We’d like everyone to attend if possible as we will recognize the winning trees at the event. At 5 PM, the live auction will begin which will auction off the five trees with the highest silent auction bid. All other trees will be won by the highest bidder present.

Feeding Our CommunityAny winning bidder may choose to keep the tree, donate it to the non-profit, or donate it to a needy family.

All canned goods will be distributed to local food banks.

All auction proceeds will be placed into a common pool and distributed equally among the participating non-profits.

The program is being overseen by Chris Walsh on behalf of the Rim Country Business Coalition. He may be contacted at or by phone at 928-468-1470.